Securing Talented Youth

Secure Your Dream Job with Emunitas! We guide you through the application process, ensuring a seamless journey to landing the perfect job that matches your skills effortlessly. Let Emunitas be your ticket to securing a career that suits your talent and ambition.

Why should you apply?

Get a chance to join a real workplace

Based on the project you will get paid

Guidance throughout your job hunting process

Provide Reference Check Service

Flexible Working Hour

Remote Work

How to apply?

Click the "Apply Now” button, and fill out the necessary information to apply for this program. While the questions might be a bit detailed, rest assured that we'll carefully check and analyze to find your perfect career match. Take your time and proceed with confidence in your application journey.

“Without the hassle of Language Barrier”

Navigating the job market as an international student often comes with language barriers, especially in Japan. With Emunitas: 'Secure Talent' Program, you can explore exciting job positions that don't require Japanese proficiency. Say goodbye to language hurdles and hello to your next job adventure!

“Opportunities to work with Reputable Japanese Company”

Imagine not just working, but collaborating with top-notch Japanese companies. It's not just a job - it's a fast-track to understanding the Japanese work culture. Plus, your portfolio gets an impressive boost.

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