Empower Everyone’s Potential

Emunitas Co., Ltd. is a global startup from Beppu. Based on the philosophy of “Empower Everyone’s Potential”.

Our Story

April 2023.

While visiting Beppu Onsen, Yujin(CEO of Emunitas) met a Vietnamese student named Luan.

Luan possessed advanced English proficiency, remarkable programming skills, and an impressive management ability that allowed him to lead a volleyball team composed entirely of Japanese players. Yujin held deep respect for him.

Yet, in Beppu, Luan found himself working part-time jobs at places like Cafe’s and as an English tutor. It was evident that Beppu lacked suitable opportunities for him to fully leverage his true potential.

This got me thinking: what could he do to create a society where international student like Luan could study in Japan and simultaneously showcase their abilities to their fullest extent?

With this vision, he was joined by like-minded individuals from around the world, and together, we founded Emunitas.

Our company operates a global On-Job-Training platform that serves as a bridge between Japanese companies and those in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries. Through our platform, both international students and Japanese students can gain work experience, which can provide them with valuable references for their job hunting in the future. Additionally, we conduct a reference check business utilizing the reference data of international students.